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LJK - headphones

I'm sick...

of the people I work with... (for the record I know this is complaining). I wish everyone would stop complaining about other people so much! Everyone is always going on about how lazy someone else is when, here is the truth, everyone in my department is a little lazy! each person has some things they don't like doing and so avoid. I find this perfectly human. However, when I have to stay late to do something 1st shift should have done, 2nd (that's my shift) walked out half way through doing, and 3rd refused to do (they wouldn't even help me do it) I get pretty upset. There are only three things to do for our job, as far as I know I'm the only person on any shift that does all three. That's fine as long as everything gets done. but when you stop doing whatever you do just to punish another shift?? How does that make sense?? So then, since this is my JOB where I get PAID to WORK, I end up doing everything. Then the people tying to "make a stand" get mad because I did the work instead of it being left for whoever they thought should have to do it. This company does not hire children to work in my warehouse so I can only assume a gang of ghost children have possessed all my coworkers, because they are all acting like children! I almost cried last night at work!!! WTF!?!? I'm looking for a new job...


Yes, I rather think I do.
Get Doran his job first!

But, yeah. Major suckage.
Man, this makes me majorly depressed. I was hoping you worked with some pretty level-headed people :C I just hope you're getting credit from -someone- for acting like an adult. Raise, anyone?

Also, how is the Korea thing going? Don't get a new job before you can go to Korea! Also, I have some info on Korea for you, as soon as I find it. According to this guy I don't know (bike ride acquaintance), you can get an ESL certificate (not even a teaching certificate) and be eligible for this program to teach in Korea. I'll drudge up the info later, if you want it~
You can apply at PPD~ It's mainly part time where I work in the PK lab. The floor may get more hours. I get around 40-50 hours in two weeks. You should look into it~ :)