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J&W concerned

Sad Sad Sad

Do you want to know the absolute worst thing about responsibility?? When you fail. Not just a little thing, but a big one, and you fail someone who is so very important to you. they put their faith in you and then, BAM, out of nowhere, you fail them. And then your miserable.... and you cry a lot....


Re: ... I'm kind of a lurker |D

So do you know when you're leaving??

Re: ... I'm kind of a lurker |D

I haven't even taken my asvab yet. But once I'm finished with processing I'll take the delayed entry. I still have some things left to take care of. But all this has to get put off until my recruiter gets back from some training thing. No worries, I'm sure I'll still be here when you get back. I really don't see me leaving until September at soonest.