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J&W concerned

I'm going to be late to work... again

What I really want to do is make another pot of coffee, you know, to take the edge off... But I'm already using my emergency coffee and I can't but more until next week and I really can't run out for the sake of my own sanity and everyone around me. Today has been... challenging and I haven't even been to work yet... I really just want some more coffee!! Coffee!!!!!! Please, I usually only drink a couple of cups so more still isn't much, right?? All I can think today as each new problem arises is "Gods, I need some coffee. Coffee would make this better." My brother had a cigarette to take the edge off, me? Nothing, I already drank my coffee this morning so I get nothing. How is that fair? He didn't have any on him but was able to bum one off a friend, imagine being able to bum a coffee off a friend any time you needed one? Haha! "Hey, dude. Let me get a coffee." And you're friend digs a cup from his back pocket and hands it over. "Need creme or suger?" He asks. "No man, I'm good. Thanks." And just like that you get your fix...


You can't really bum WoW very well either. I feel your pain! At work anyway. No WoW breaks there...
Yeah, well with the "coffee" they serve at my work there's no coffee breaks for me either! I contented myself with a tisane I brought from home and a liberal application of classical music...